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Delmarva Dirt:

Past and Present Dirt Track Auto Racing

42 min   |   English  |  2018

Director: Michael Oates

Narrator: Michael Oates

DSU Interns: Azure Rucker / Tyler Hill

Copyright: 2018

Delaware Dirt: Trailer
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Dirt track auto racing is an exciting, colorful and family-driven sport. Regional in nature, local fans have their favorite tracks, car classes and local heroes. Delmarva is no exception, where there is a great tradition of dirt track and generations of families that participate in it. "Delmarva Dirt" documents this unique sport and family culture found in southern Delaware, and is a preview of the longer documentary that will follow soon.


This program was produced by Berkana, Center for Media and Education, Inc. and partially funded by a grant from the Delaware Humanities a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Berkana, Center for Media and Education, 302 Stories, Inc., Action Jackson Racing, Adams Automotive, LLC, Club Milton Speedway, Chad Culver, Edge Racing, Carolyn Parsons, Robby Lawson Racing, Kevin and Aaron VanVorst, and Richard D. Whaley Construction, LLC.

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