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What We See...How We Dream:

Sparrow Run Youth Council Photo Journalism Project

5:56 min   |   English  |  2008

Director: Michael Oates

Narrator: Langley Bowers and Michael Curran

"What We See...How We Dream": Sparrow Run Youth Photojournalism Project
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In the summer of 2007, five girls from Sparrow Run participated in a photo journalism class taught by documentarian, Michael Oates.

Sparrow Run is an isolated and underserved community located in the Bear-Glasgow area of New Castle, Delaware.

Each student was given a 35mm camera and was given an assignment before each class. Weekly meetings were held at the Pencader Hundred Community Center where the students reviewed and discussed the photos they had taken during the week.

Students were encouraged to use photography to document and reflect upon their lives and their community.

Funded by Pencader Hundred Community Center; Presbyterian Church USA, Synod of the Mid-Atlantic; Dana Beck Fancher Fund; First Presbyterian Church, Duneden, Florida; and State of Delaware, Grant in Aid.

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