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Downe Township Horseshoe Crab Festival 2014

5:01 sec   |   English   |  2014

Director: Michael Oates

Music: Nice Like 'Dat

Copyright: 2014

On May 31, 2014, Downe Township celebrated the 5th Anniversary of its Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary, located in Fortescue along Delaware Bay.


It is the first and only HSC Sanctuary in New Jersey, and part of ERDG's community-based HSC Sanctuary program. Along with the residents in 7 other ERDG Sanctuaries (all in Delaware), Fortescue residents walk the community beach each morning and turn over stranded horseshoe crabs so they can return safely to the water.


As the locals say, we "just flip 'em", which is also the name of the HSC rescue program begun by ERDG in 1997. For more info on horseshoe crabs and the ERDG Sanctuary program, check out

Funded by 302 Stories, Inc.

Downe Township Horseshoe Crab Festival 2014
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