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China: A New Focus

10:15 min   |   English   |  2003

Cameraman: Michael Oates

Editor: Laura Vitez

Copyright: Applied Info Systems 2003

In 2003, 302 Stories, Inc. (Michael Oates) was hired by Applied Info Systems / D2 Creative to spend three weeks in China shooting stock footage to be sold for use in programming produced before and during the 2008 Olympics in China.


Oates was chosen because, as an American cameraman, he would best be able to assess and capture what was unique (to an American audience) about the country and culture.


This video sampler was produced for Getty Images, the stock footage library housing the footage, to show the range of material captured on the trip, and to promote its sale. To date, this footage continues to produce royalty revenues for Applied Info / D2 Creative.

China: A New Focus
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