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First State, First Step:

Delaware to the Moon

English  |  2019

Director: Michael Oates

Narrator: Liane Hansen

Copyright: Berkana, 2019

ILC Dover: To the Moon, Delaware
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It has been 50 years since America landed on the moon, and many of those Delawareans who worked directly on this effort are gone.


In short, this is a piece of Delaware’s and America’s history that is now disappearing, and for many of the general public, one that is virtually unknown.


Brief informal “man on the street” interviews ask timely questions.


We believe the answers to these questions, by a sample of Delawareans from the three counties, establishes each program’s theme, connects viewers with the oral history stories that follow, and place the supporting visual images in context.


The documentary focuses on a different contribution made by a different Delaware company. ILC Dover provided the space suits, DuPont the fibers found within the 21 layers of the suits, and W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., who provided the cables that were used not only in the Apollo missions, but also on earlier spacecraft such as Telstar and continues to the present day space station.


In summary, this documentary brings to life some of the Delaware people and stories that made the Apollo moon landing possible, and recognize America’s remarkable achievement that was partly made possible by the hard work and dedication of Delawareans.


This program was partially funded by a grant from the Delaware Humanities a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Delaware Heritage Commission, Fair Play Foundation, Berkana, Center for Media and Education, and 302 Stories, Inc.

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